Vanilla Mozi Candles & Melts
Vanilla Mozi Candles & Melts

Vanilla Mozi Candles & Melts

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This candle will : Protect you and your family from biting bugs and insects such as mosquitos, midgees and sandflies without being a repellent.
How it works : A beautifully fragranced Vanilla & Spearmint Soy Wax Candle packed with nature’s best ingredients to change the scent around you, making you invisible to insects. That’s what we mean when we say, ‘blend with nature’. It will make you bite-proof, all while making your home and outdoor area smell like flowers.

Hand-poured in Noosa, QLD.

Burning instructions :

Please ALWAYS follow burning instructions to get the most out of your Vanilla Mozi Candle. The first time you burn your candle is called a Priming Burn. You will need to burn it for at least 1 hour or until all of the wax in the top of the jar is melted. After the priming burn, you can burn your candle as little as you like. The first prime burn will stop the candle from tunneling down and you will get many more hours from it. Please also rotate your candle every so often to help distribute the wax evenly. It is not uncommon for there to be excess wax after your candle has finished this does affect the candle and is normal. Please trim the wick before each lighting of your candle. The burning instructions are found on the base of your Vanilla Mozzie Candle.

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