The mumsie's use will change with your growing baby. When your baby is small, young, not so mobile and loves to be held, you will be able to wear baby in the mumsie for longer periods. As your baby gets bigger and more active but still has times when they want to be picked up or for moments when you're out and about.. your mumsie will serve you well to help you keep your hands free when you need them most.

Handy pockets here there errywhere.

Long ties for extra support and versatility.

Knot bub's pacifier to the end of the ties or pop it in the bib pocket. 

Loosen the straps and little sweet cheeks can discreetly breastfeed in the mumsie. #feedingfriendly 

Space for a card so you can roll purse free. 

Perfect for travelling with bub. 

Removable shoulder pads for extra padding on shoulders or slide down to cover buckles. 

Some styles have side leg pockets big enough for your phone or a baby bottle. 

Deep hip pockets and back pockets for anything extra.

Detachable infant sling for those days you won't be wearing bub or to keep wearing your mumsie after bub has outgrown her babywearing days. 😭 😭 😭


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