the magic and miracles behind TWO BLUE LINES

Forty and single with a ticking biological clock.. writer/actor Sarah Doyle manifests real life happiness whilst shooting a series on becoming a mum. From an ad on gumtree, a 6 part mini series and now a bouncing baby girl brings Sarah Doyle the ultimate baby surprise. Two Blue Lines starring a plethora of familiar faces including Gyton Grantley, Jolene Anderson, Haiha Le, Guy Edmonds and Felix Williamson is now available to binge online at When writer Sarah Doyle and filmmaker and entrepreneur Janneke Williamson conceived the story for TWO BLUE LINES, they never imagined that the creation of the series would mirror a real life pregnancy for Sarah.  Art imitates life, life imitates art. Sarah Doyle attends the premiere of TWO...

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Hey Mumsie Fam,If you follow us on our socials you would have seen last month we ventured to the USA. What an adventure it was from desert to beaches, and bumps to babies. We met some of the most beautiful people and we wanted to share just a little of where we went and what we got up to!

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