how to MUMSIE

Please watch this instructional video prior to using your MUMSIE to learn how to safely use your mumsie and for different methods for tying the sling.  

how to MUMSIE : facing forward

Please join Helen our local Physiotherapist to learn how to safely wear your baby in the mumsie facing forward. It is not recommended to wear a baby in an outward facing position before 5/6 months of age. 

how to ROMPAZ

The ROMPAZ is a different design to the MUMSIE and does not come with a sling. The bib of the ROMPAZ is designed to be used to carry a baby or toddler without a sling.

When using your MUMSIE or ROMPAZ... please read all the safety instructions that come with your garment carefully before using them to carry your baby or toddler.