The mumsie is a whole new concept in babywearing and toddlerwearing so you might have a few questions about how they work! 

How old can my baby be to start using the mumsie?
We recommend you can use your mumsie for babywearing from approx 4 months of age, when they have developed more head control and their legs can be positioned on a hip-healthy ‘m’ position.

How heavy can my baby be in the mumsie?

The mumsie has been safety tested with a recommended weight of up to 14kg-18kgs/ 30lbs- 39lbs. Our shoulder clips have been weight tested up to 70kg each. For using the mumsie with heavier babies, take care, experiment with the shoulder pads and different sling tie methods for comfort and always use your best judgement for safety when using the mumsie. As your baby grows you will find the use of your mumsie may change. When your baby is young you might find you wear them for longer periods of snuggletown, when they get older, heavier and more active you might find you wear them for shorter periods but more frequently. Out and about at the shops, airports, kindy drop off, anywhere when your toddler wants to be on your hip but you need your hands free.. the mumsie comes in very handy! I still pop my toddler in my mumsie when I need to and she is now 3 years old.


Is the mumsie safe for my baby's hip placement?

Although the mumsie looks like any pair of overalls when you’re not wearing baby, the bib portion of the mumsie has been designed to support the shape of your baby. Our mumsies have been recognised by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as being 'hip-healthy' when worn as directed. The structure of the bib encourages baby’s knees to sit higher than their bottom particularly for younger babies, and encourages the "M" position to help support healthy hip development. The jersey sling adds another layer of soft comfort support for baby around their legs, holding them close behind their back and snuggling them in close to your chest.
We recommend researching more about healthy hip development from the international hip dysplasia institute 👉 https://hipdysplasia.org/infant-child/preventing-hip-dysplasia/

Has the mumsie been tested to meet Australian standards?

The mumsie has been independently tested to meet the strict regulations set out for the USA and European safety standards. There are no safety standards set out by the Australian government for baby carriers, however the mumsie has been carefully designed adhering to many different recommendations for safety with international baby carrier regulations. Our shoulder clips are made from industrial grade acetal and have been weight tested up to 70kg each.

All mumsies are made with premium quality fabrics and made with the utmost care to ensure safety and durability. We pride ourselves on quality and if you're not 100% happy with the quality of your mumsie, please contact us so we can either replace or repair your mumsie (within reason).


I'm not sure what size to buy, how can I be sure?

We have a range of different styles in different shapes and sizes to suit all body shapes. For more information about sizing please review our size chart and product descriptions. 

I have a newborn, can I still use the mumsie?

We recommend waiting until your baby has developed head control (around 4 months) until you start using your mumsie for babywearing. Please read the safety instructions for more detailed information and please watch our 'how-to' videos. When babywearing it's extremely important for baby's hips and legs to be in a 'hip-healthy' position and please follow the TICKS guide to safe babywearing.


Can I wear my baby in an outward facing position so my baby is facing forward?

Please watch the how-to video for instructions on how to wear your baby in the mumsie facing forward. Make sure you can bunch the bib in narrow enough to allow a healthy hip position for your baby. We recommend using the second button down for the sling so you have extra room for bunching in the sling for this position. It is not recommended to wear a baby in an outward facing position before 5/6 months of age. Please click on this link to see our how-to video for safely wearing baby outwards.


How do I tie the sling?

There are many ways to tie the sling but we recommend these ways depending on the size of your angel tot. Please watch our 'how-to' videos to learn more about tying the sling. 

How is the weight distributed in the mumsie?

In the mumsie, the baby's weight is distributed across your hips and shoulders and snugly across your mid section.

Depending on your own personal preferences, there are a number of ways you can help distribute weight for comfort and support with the sling. Please watch our 'how-to' videos to safely learn how to use the sling.

To ensure shoulder support, wear your baby closer and firmer by tightening the shoulder straps, this will distribute the weight on your hips.. The looser the shoulder strap the more pull on the shoulders, so make sure your child is tucked in as firmly into the bib as possible for security and also comfort. Your child should be close enough to kiss.

When do I wear my mumsie?

The mumsie is something complete different from other baby carriers and although it carries your baby, it is a multifunctional garment. Designed to be worn without baby, with baby, before baby and after baby. 

For pregnancy you can loosen the shoulder straps and the hip buckles to wear lower on your hips as your tummy grows. 

Do I have to take my baby out of my mumsie whilst travelling?

The mumsie is perfect for travelling, hands free whilst going through airports. Some customers have been able to waltz straight through security checkpoints without having to take out their baby once they pointed out they weren't wearing a carrier, just wearing their baby in their overalls. The mumsie is still quite a new concept however so not every security checkpoint has seen them before. Once you jet with a mumsie, you'll never fly any other way.

Can I use my mumsie without the sling?

We recommend using the sling at all times when your baby is younger to add extra security for baby wearing. Please follow the safety instructions and the TICKS guide to safe babywearing and toddlerwearing and ensure you use the sling for baby's back support. For toddlers, when using your mumsie as a toddler seat please be mindful that they are not as supported as they would be when using the sling and extra care should be taken for safety. Please read the full safety instructions and use the mumsie at your own risk and please follow the TICKS guide to safe babywearing.


What are the washing and care instructions?

Wash before use. Wash inside out and close fasteners before washing. Machine wash cold with like colours. Do not tumble dry.

May be tumble dried low inside out with fasteners secured. Some shrinkage will occur with each wash and stretch with each wear. Indigo may bleed and will change colour with use. Check functionality of fasteners after each wash before use.

By taking care of your mumsie you will ensure long garment life that can be loved and reloved for many years to come.

Are the mumsies ethically made?

Our products are 100% ethically made! Our products are designed in love in Noosa Australia and manufactured with great care in China, Sri Lanka and India. At the mumsie, ethical standards are of highest priority and great measures have been put in place to ensure all the staff are paid fairly, with no forced labour.

All mumsies are made with the finest quality fabrics and made with the utmost care to ensure safety and durability.


What sustainable practices have you implemented?

We are constantly looking at ways to improve the sustainability aspect of our business. Where possible we send out our orders in fully compostable shipping bags and choose as many sustainable elements as possible from a running of the business angle as this is something that we are very passionate about. From a product perspective we are constantly reviewing our textiles and experimenting with new fabrics available to us and have been developing ways to make our mumsies as sustainable yet affordable as possible and have some styles that are are 100% organic denim along with some other experimental natural fibres which is really exciting. We are a small business with a small footprint and mainly direct to customer so buying directly from us greatly reduces the ‘food miles’ of our mumsies and when shopping locally with us at Mumsie HQ we pride ourselves on stocking locally made, ethical and sustainable, small business run brands for our local customers. READ ABOUT OUR SUSTAINABILITY JOURNEY HERE 

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PAYPAL, Credit Cards, GPAY and AFTERPAY available in AUS only.. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we ship to most international countries.. 

The Mumsie is not responsible for local import taxes charged by your country. This depends on your country.  *Please note all duties and taxes charged by customs of the destination country are the sole responsibility of the buyer and will not be refunded or reimbursed by The Mumsie for any reason.

What does it mean if an item is listed as PRE ORDER?

This means the item is not yet in warehouse but as soon as it gets to us we check and ship to you (dispatch date is when we expect to have it leaving our warehouse) If you purchase more than one item and one is on PRE ORDER. All items will be shipped together when the PRE ORDER arrives. If you require your non PRE ORDER items earlier, please place a separate order.

Is the mumsie registered?

The mumsie® is a registered trademark, and has patent and design protection.


As with all baby carriers on the market, the mumsie has a special safety warning. When using any product with your precious child, you must take care and use your best judgement to make sure you are using the product safely for the wellbeing of your child.

MAKE SURE YOUR BABY IS SECURE: Use your best judgement when using this carrier to make sure your infant is secure. Infants can slip through the side leg opening. Always take the time to carefully secure your infant, making sure they are safe.

With every use, make sure the fasteners are in working order and secured.

Carefully secure the ties behind the baby when tying, making sure they are firm, secure and safe yet your infant has enough room to wriggle and turn their head. Be careful when moving around, leaning forward or walking. Place your hand behind baby when leaning. Carefully bend using your knees and not at your waist. Not recommended for infants over 14kg. Extra care recommended for infants younger than 4 months or smaller than 5kg. Smaller and younger babies can suffocate in baby carriers. When securing your infant, make sure their airways are clear, they aren’t pressed against your skin so as to not be able to breathe, make sure their head is close enough to touch with your lips. Make sure they have enough movement to turn their head, they are clearly visible and their face is free from obstruction at all times. 

When breastfeeding in the carrier, constantly monitor your infant’s breathing and return them close to your upper chest as soon as they have finished feeding. Never let your infant sleep at the breast whilst wearing a carrier.

Not recommended to carry an infant in the outward facing position. Do not carry baby in this carrier without the sling attached and without the baby safely secured.

Follow the TICKS guide to baby wearing. 


TICKS Checklist

Remember and follow the TICKS rules:

T—Tight: Slings should be tight enough to hug your baby close to you.

I—In view at all times: You should always be able to see your baby’s face by simply glancing down.

C—Close enough to kiss: By tipping your head forward you should be able to kiss your baby on the head.

K—Keep chin off the chest: baby should never be curled so that their chin is forced onto their chest as this can restrict their breathing.

S—Supported back: The baby’s back should be supported in a natural position so their tummy and chest are against you.

For more information about safe sleeping, visit:






Constantly monitor your infant when wearing them in your carrier. Always make sure the fasteners are in good working order before each use and take special care when tying the sling. Any accidents from falling or suffocation are at the peril of the adult using the carrier.

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