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This page is designed as a hub for you to revisit as much as you need. It gives ideas and guidelines around making content for The Mumsie. 


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Videos/Reels/ Tiktoks as we know are golden!

But if still posts are better for you that is great too! 

As you know we love collaborating so if you would like to do that on a reel or a post, just give a little message so we can make sure our social schedule doesn't clash! This means we can have the best reach for both parties!

Now, let's talk about having fun with your posts! We want you to feel free to let your creativity run wild and post whatever feels organic to you and your brand. Whether it's a TikTok dance video, a cute photo with your baby, or a funny meme, we're all for it. The more fun and playful, the better!



Remember and follow the TICKS rules as we want everyone to have an easy, safe and comfortable babywearing experience!

T—Tight: Slings should be tight enough to hug your baby close to you.

I—In view at all times: You should always be able to see your baby’s face by simply glancing down.

C—Close enough to kiss: By tipping your head forward you should be able to kiss your baby on the head.

K—Keep chin off the chest: baby should never be curled so that their chin is forced onto their chest as this can restrict their breathing.

S—Supported back: The baby’s back should be supported in a natural position so their tummy and chest are against you.



Mumsie Magic!

Creator is struggling to put a baby in a carrier.

"Ever feel like you need octopus arms to manage your baby and your life?"

Show traditional, bulky baby carriers.

"Regular baby carriers can be inconvenient and not stylish."

The Creator introduces "The Mumsie."

"But hey, what if you could carry your baby in style? Say hello to The Mumsie!"

Demonstrate The Mumsie – carrying the baby around, sitting, standing, and multitasking.

"The world's first baby-wearing overalls. Super cute, comfortable, and convenient. Now, I can keep my baby close and still have my hands totally free!"

*Call To Action:*
The Creator smiles at the camera with a playful wink.

"Ready to up your mom-game? Grab your Mumsie now!"

 Overalls? Or Baby Carrier? Both!

Creator is juggling a baby carrier, a diaper bag, and a purse, making a funny face.

"Whoever said motherhood wasn't a circus act lied!"

Show the complexity of traditional baby carriers.

"Between super complicated baby carriers and endless baby stuff, it's a hassle."

The Creator illuminates and introduces The Mumsie.

"Well, I've discovered a combo I wasn't expecting..."

The Creator demonstrates wearing and using The Mumsie.

"The Mumsie! Overalls that double up as a baby carrier. It's comfortable, it's cute, and it’s super useful for multitasking moms."

*Call To Action:*
Show The Mumsie tag, then smile.

"Wear your baby in style, moms! Get your Mumsie today!"

 Multi-tasking Mums Meet Mumsie!

Creator tries to balance a baby and chores but fumbles.

"Is your baby an adorable anchor keeping you from getting things done?"

Show the struggle with heavy and impractical baby carriers.

"Traditional baby carriers? They're more hassle than help sometimes."

The Creator brings out The Mumsie.

"What if your favorite pair of overalls were also a baby carrier? Meet The Mumsie!"

Having a fun time with the baby in The Mumsie.

"It's the world's first baby-wearing overalls. Now I can make my baby part of my ensemble, not just part of my luggage."

*Call To Action:*
Hugs the baby and gives a thumbs up.

"Styling, carrying, multitasking. All in one. Get your Mumsie now!"



Please, if you are struggling with anything from your code, to size, just reach out! A great collaboration is so beneficial to both parties so don't hesitate to get in touch!



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