You’ve taken birth education classes, practiced your breathing techniques, celebrated your baby shower and packed your hospital bag. You feel as prepared as possible for impending motherhood. And while birth is a truly personal experience that may not go to plan, here I highlight a few products that are guaranteed to help you after bub is born.

Writer: Rebecca Walker, The Conscious Wordsmith

1. Manuka honey

One of Mother Nature’s magical healing elixirs, Manuka honey is a truly remarkable postnatal remedy. Not only does it contain anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, anti-viral and antibiotic properties that are ideal for wound healing; but it is also packed with natural antioxidants, active enzymes, amino acids, B vitamins and many other health-boosting nutrients. Multiple studies have shown that Manuka honey amplifies the regeneration of tissue and softens scar tissue, making it the perfect natural ointment for vaginal tears or C-section scars. Due to it’s antibacterial qualities, it can be applied topically as a protective barrier to prevent microbial infections in any wound. Likewise, a teaspoon of Manuka is packed with natural curative goodness, including iron and zinc, which replenishes energy levels and boosts the immune system during the postnatal period. So go get yourself a bottle pronto!

2. Witch Hazel

Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, witch hazel is a great post-birth antidote, especially if you are suffering from swollen or bulging veins in your nether regions. Packed with natural tannins, it contains healing compounds that have an astringent effect – helping constrict skin tissue and shrink inflamed blood vessels. Seeking a soothing midwife hack? Pour witch hazel onto a pad and pop it in the fridge or freezer when you go into labour. After birth, put it in your oversized undies and let the witch hazel work its magic. Additionally, pour it on your pads in the weeks following birth. Your vagina will thank you.  

3. Arnica

Whether you’ve had a vaginal birth or C-section, homeopathic arnica can work wonders when it comes to postnatal healing. Not only does arnica assist with swelling, bruising and muscle soreness by boosting circulation and healing broken blood vessels in tender areas, but it also helps alleviate pain thanks to it’s natural anti-inflammatory properties. Taken internally (as homeopathic pellets or drops) or topically (as a cream, gel or oil), it’s a handy item to have on your bedside table after labour and in the weeks following birth.

4. Nipple Balm

Giving birth is intense. But breastfeeding can be equally challenging  especially for first-time mums. From the first latch to the final wean, breastfeeding is a journey filled with emotional and physical highs and lows. And while it is one of the most beautiful parts of the motherhood bond, raw, cracked, bleeding nipples is the opposite of fun. The solution? Nipple balm! Finding a cream with natural, organic ingredients is important, since bub will be ingesting any residue on the breast, so go with a reputed brand.     

5. The Joey Bag

Created by a mama for mama’s, the joey bag is a genius baby essential. Equipped with multiple pockets, hidden compartments and adjustable straps, this stylish accessory is the perfect place to stash a dummy, phone, keys, credit card and even a spare nappy and wet wipes! The best part? The joey unzips and extends to become a change mat, so you can change nappies on-the-go. Worn as a belt bag, pram accessory or shoulder sling (the straps can be extended so you can wear it cross-body if desired), this mod/retro accessory is equally practical and fashionable.