A day date across the generations

We caught up with our lovely friend Tammy who had some family visiting over the holidays.

Tammy is an avid mumsie wearer and had to jump at the chance to have a day date with her gorgeous daughter Lulu and her grand mother Beverly in Peregian. I was so excited to see she was sharing the mumsie love with the beautiful Beverly. Beverly couldn't get enough of her overalls and loved being close to her great grand daughter.. yes that's right great-grand-daughter!!
Timeless beauty sure runs in the family here!
Lulu loved being all snuggled up to her great grand mother ;)
Thank you kindly to our photographer friend Cecilia Thibier from Biarritz for taking these beautiful family photos! Check out her gorgeous photography on instagram.. she's quite the talented mama! https://www.instagram.com/ceciliaphotographie/
Obviously I didn't get the memo!! 🤣🙊Literally the one day I don't wear a mumsie haha!
Beverly couldn't resist.. she had to try out the baby blue too... The coolest great grandma everrrr!!
Thanks Beverly and Tammy for sharing your shopping date with us!