Packed with 100% natural, wild harvested ingredients, Vanessa Megan Naturaceutical Skincare takes the definition of ‘organic’ to a whole new level. In this interview, we speak to Vanessa about her toxic-free skincare range and the working mama juggle.

Writer: Rebecca Walker, The Conscious Wordsmith

Your skincare brand is based on the belief that ‘you should never put anything on your skin you wouldn’t eat.’ Tell us about this philosophy.

When my best friend Mel said these words to me, it was my lightbulb moment. It resonated with me with such clarity, I went out in search of a brand with these attributes. This was back in 2001 when there were no brands using 100% food-grade ingredients. This inspired me to start learning more about the ingredients we put on our skin, and in turn was the birth of Vanessa Megan. 

Your products are created from from 100% natural, wild harvested and bio-available ingredients that are cruelty-free, vegan and toxin-free. Where do you source these ingredients and how do you ensure they are certified organic?

We source our wild-harvested Australian ingredients from local suppliers, and buy all our Australian extracts from other Australian businesses. Our lab is certified with ACO, which is Australia’s highest grade organic certification. All our organic ingredients wear this logo or higher which ensures they are certified organic. 

When it comes to skincare, efficacy is a vital component of a brand’s success. How do you ensure results-driven, clinically-proven effectiveness without using synthetic ingredients?

Natural and organic isn’t enough anymore, customers want results. Our results come from hours of testing the efficacy of our products. We joined forces with the Beauty and Dermal Institute to study the effect of our products after invasive treatments and how they sped up recovery time and long term effects on the skin. Using Vanesa Megan saw a 100% decrease in recovery time, [which included redness, skin discolouration and heat]. Nature provides us with all we need to use to have the best skin to live in. 

Along with clean ingredients, your product packaging is also eco-friendly. Tell us about the sustainable goals of the brand.

Our packaging is made from post consumer waste plastics, our boxes are uncoated, reducing the plastic.

You are a mum of 4. How old were your kids when you launched your brand?

I launched Vanessa Megan before I was a Mum, so in a way it is my first born. My husband came with 2 gorgeous boys who we look after full time, which happened in the fourth year of operation. My daughter came along the next year and our youngest son the following. It was a very busy time and it still is.

How do you juggle work and motherhood?

My time with my kids is extremely important to me, so I make sure when I am with them I do no work. In fact, I hardly know where my phone is after hours and on the weekend, as it doesn’t come into my peripheral. The same thing goes at work, when I am at work I am totally committed to what I am doing to make the most of my time.

What (if any) personal sacrifices have you made to support the success of your professional business endeavours?

I don’t feel like I have had to make any personal sacrifices to support my business, I love what I do and am inspired every day by the industry and the people I work with. I feel very blessed. 

Do you have any advice for women who are trying to find balance between mumming and working?

My advice would be to make specific time for work and specific time for family. If you try to do both at the same time it will only make you frustrated and ultimately an unhappy Mummy. 

What has been the highlight of your brand’s business journey so far?

One of our most recent highlights was becoming the exclusive brand at Australia’s most exclusive lifestyle Spa & retreat, Gwinganna. We are so thrilled to be a part of this incredible Eco Spa.

Do you have any tips of aspiring ‘mumpreneurs’ out there who have a business dream but are still in the trenches of motherhood?

Daydream and plan! You can do this when you are with your kids, while you are pushing them in the pram, on the swing etc. It creates inspiration in your mind. Once your bub is old enough you will have something to get your teeth into and action. Go Aussie Mums!


Vanessa Megan Skincare is stocked at The Mumsie’s Noosa retail cottage. For more information about the products, visit https://www.vanessamegan.com/