Behind the campaign: the hazel collection

A Peek Behind the Creation of The Hazel Collection

In this blog post, we'll take you on a journey behind the scenes of our new Mumsie styles that are the perfect companions for the coziest months of the year. 

The Inspiration
We might be coming into the warmer months here in Australia but for our northern hemisphere mamas the cooler months are underway. Mumsie brings you a collection that embodies the warmth and comfort you crave. The designs draw inspiration from the colour palette of the cooler season environment. Crafted in luxurious corduroy fabric creates soft cosy comfort against the skin.

The Corduroy Connection
To bring this vision to life, we turned to corduroy for two styles, a fabric renowned for its softness and durability. Corduroy's velvety texture added an extra layer of coziness to our designs, making it the perfect choice for winter wear. We experimented with various weights and colours to find the ideal combination of comfort and style, resulting in a fabric that was both luxurious and practical, and our new cord is produced using sustainable and ethical practices.

Working with Ceylon Tea Dying 
We are so lucky our passion for sustainability and innovation is shared by our manufacturers. That is why when we were introduced to the prospect of dying some of our mumsies with recycled ceylon tea, we jumped on the opportunity. Now after a long time in development we are SO excited to release our first style dyed in the method. 

The Design Process
Creating a Mumsie collection is always a collaborative process, with our team of talented designers and manufacturers working together to bring ideas to fruition. We held brainstorming sessions and carefully considered every element, from buttons and labels to cuts and pockets. Each detail was crafted to ensure that our new styles not only looked beautiful but also felt incredible to wear.

The Campaign Shoot
Putting together a photo shoot is always such a fun adventure. From the initial pitch and ideas to bringing it all to life, we had so much fun. Working with the amazing Eliza from @elrhophoto is always a pleasure, thank you Eliza! You're always so great to work with! Some more big thanks go out to our wonderful models Sophia, Shaybella, Keira & Rosie and last but not least Jackie for letting us use your picturesque property. The location imbued the colours of the collection with the green and natural hues as you will see through the pieces of the collections. The time of the day was selected for the warm golden light at sunset creating warmth in our collection. We wanted to show the mumsie in action and how it's worn everyday in a practical way to help Mamas - carrying bags, reading books, catching up with fellow mamas, eating and drinking hands free! 

Stayed tuned as we will be releasing pre order to the hazel collection products over the coming weeks...

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