We all know nappies are terrible for the environment. However since they are an unavoidable motherhood necessity, we’ve done some homework to help you find an eco-friendly alternative to disposables. Here we scope out some of the best, most stylish, Australian-designed reusable nappy options on the market.

Writer: Rebecca Walker, The Conscious Wordsmith


NappyLuxe is a family run business based out of sunny Brisbane, Australia, with a focus on creating premium, high quality, modern cloth nappies. We aim to provide a better, easy to use and more sustainable alternative to disposables.



Featuring a modern design, one adjustable size, and OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified fabrics, EcoNaps cloth nappies are a popular Aussie brand that is made in Byron Bay.  With easy-to-use snap fastenings, and lined with ultra-absorbent bamboo, these cute reusables guarantee comfort without the leaks. Able to grow with baby, from newborn to toddler, the adjustable style ensures you get mileage out of each nappy. Coming in a range of eye-pleasing designs, their range includes boys, girls and gender-neutral prints, to cater to all aesthetic tastes.


A fave with Earth-loving mamas, Eco Naps reusable cloth nappies are stylish, practical, ethically made and sustainably packaged. Made from super soft fabrics (bamboo blend + OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified), and coming in adaptable sizing that fits from newborn to toddler ( up to 16 kg), your bub will be comfy and dry. Each nappy comes with 2 inserts and can be thrown in the washing machine for easy cleaning. Featuring minimalist prints in a variety of hues, your bubba’s butt will look cute as can be.  


Easy to use and made from post-consumer recycled plastic, the eco-friendly, reusable designs from Mimi & Co, care for your baby and the planet. Flaunting a one-size design that stretches as bub grows, each nappy has tummy panel leak guards and wide back elastics. Soft lined, inner double-gussets provide ultimate leak-proof protection and stay-dry, moisture-wicking jersey keeps bub dry. When it comes to colours and patterns,  Mimi & Co has a gorgeous range of prints that cater to boys, girls and style-loving mamas.  


Claiming to be the most absorbable reusable nappy on the market (tested to hold 1026 ml of fluid!), Modibodi is a market leader and mum fave. Featuring antimicrobial layers, polybrush lining and OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certified materials, these robust yet comfortable tush covers ensure no leaks. Designed to feel like a disposable, ModiBodi’s unique fit is a big hit with mothers who are looking for a planet-friendly option that can take your child from baby to toddlerdom.


Featuring eye-catching artwork designed by Australian artists, the pretty prints of Bare & Boho are complimented by a sturdy design that has been created for little ones on the move. Containing four layers of absorbent fabric, with double-layered side gusseting around the thigh contour, the bamboo/hemp/cotton insert ensures maximum anti-leak protection. With a fit that ranges in size from teeny tiny (premature) to toddler (up to 18kg), Bare & Boho covers all baby bases. Organic and easy to clean, the fabrics used inside are eco-friendly and contoured to ensure optimal fit. Superficially, the bohemian motifs are a mini-fashionista’s dream.