How babywearing can make those baby days easier.

How babywearing can make those baby days easier.

by Hollie Noonan

If you are an expecting mama, at some point before bub arrives, you are bound to feel overwhelmed by the seemingly endless choices to make about how you will parent this new tiny human. I mean, you haven't even met them yet?!


To co-sleep or not to co-sleep? Prams, carriers or both? Attachment parenting? To work or not to work? It can seem like a lot to consider. Plus all the while everyone… and I mean everyone, seems to have their own wisdom to share with an expecting Mum! 


I get it sister. I’ve been there.


One topic that I personally felt completely confident in, was that I was drawn to the idea of babywearing. More than anything, I loved the idea of keeping my newborn babes close to my heart while they adjusted to life in this big wide world. 


Babywearing is not a new trend. In fact babywearing has been standard practice around the world for centuries. Simply, it means wearing or carrying your baby on your body with the support of a sling or other type of carrier. 


There are a lot of fantastic benefits of babywearing such as:

  • Carried infants are typically calmer and cry less due to their primal needs being met quickly when in contact with mama.
  • A mothers’ oxytocin levels increase when carrying her babe, increasing the maternal bond - which is what bub counts on for his survival.
  • Body temperature, especially in newborns is readily regulated through skin to skin contact with mum - Amazing!


Clearly this is all great news for baby - but let’s talk about some of the ways babywearing will help YOU be your best self during those hazy baby days.


  1. Being hands free with your infant is often simply a must to get any practical jobs done around the house like hanging the washing or preparing meals.
  2. Listening to a crying baby is incredibly stressful for a hormonal, sleep deprived mama. If bub is more content being against your skin, then crying is minimised. 
  3. Happy mama (typically) = happy baby and vice versa, you two are in this together ♥♥
  4. Breastfeeding can often be done easily and often quite discreetly when wearing baby which is great when you are out and about. 
  5. Your body has been through enough without adding the lifting and lugging of a pram in those early months. Let her heal and go without the pram for a while. 


Obviously here at The Mumsie we are big advocates for babywearing! The Mumsie Founder Janneke loves babywearing so much that she created the worlds’ first babywearing overalls! Ours are best suited to infants over 4 months of age and can be rocked on right into toddler-hood and beyond!


Wearing a Mumsie makes Mum life sooo much easier, feels lovely to keep bub so close to your heart and being handsfree makes those baby days a lot easier to get through with a smile… and the laundry done! 

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Hollie is a mama of three and an avid mumsie wearer.