How does the mumsie work?

How does the mumsie work?
The denim bib and strong buckles support the weight of your baby. Our shoulder buckles are weight tested up to 70kg each.
The jersey sling is designed to add a layer of comfort and security.. keeping baby supported and snuggled closer to your chest. You can tie the sling in different ways to suit the support you need and you can remove the sling when you don’t need it.
We recommend using the sling at all times but for older babies (12mth+) you can carry baby with care without the sling attached. The bib will support their weight.* There are loads of pockets for everything like credit cards, pacifiers, phone, keys etc and when travelling or out and about it’s handy to tie a pacifier to the end of the sling tie so when bub spits it, it won’t be on the floor.
There are removable shoulder pads for extra comfort on the shoulder, or can slide down to cover the buckles for teething bub.
Let us know if you have any questions! *always take special care to make sure your baby is secured and safe when using a baby carrier. Read the full safety instructions at 👉