Mother’s Day is a day dedicated to the Matriarch. A day to celebrate mamas and acknowledge the positive influence of mothers on society. Here I outline ways to mindfully celebrate this special day and bask your mama in meaningful love.  

Writer: Rebecca Walker, The Conscious Wordsmith


If there is one thing mothers want more of, it’s time. We are constantly racing the clock, trying to do alllllllll the things. And while motherhood has fluctuating seasons that ebb and flow, the value of time becomes more apparent as we age. Which is why honouring your mama with your presence and full attention is the ultimate gift you can give her on Mother’s Day. Yes, it’s also lovely to spoil her with flowers, choccies and thoughtful gifts; But what most mum’s love more than anything is to spend some precious time with the children they birthed. So, if it’s physically possible to spend time with your mama on Mother’s Day, carve out some time. Take her to lunch, see a movie together, grab a coffee and enjoy each other’s company as women. If being together in personal is a physical impossibility, Skype, FaceTime or Zoom her, or at the very least, call her to consciously connect on her special day. 


While presents are a lovely gesture of appreciation, thoughtful acts of kindness always touch the heart more. Rather than opting for traditional gift-giving, consider a meaningful energy exchange instead. Whether that means making your mama a special video or photo book to let her know you’re thinking of her, writing her a grateful love note to express your appreciation, or gifting her an experience (like a spa sesh) rather than a ‘thing’. When contemplating ways to express your gratitude, consider her interests, not your own. Maybe that means taking her to a restaurant you despise because her favourite dessert is on the menu, or doing some retail therapy together even if you hate shopping. What matters more than anything is that you’re honouring her by putting her tastes, preferences and needs first.


Maybe you and your mum have a strained relationship. Maybe you’re estranged. Perhaps you were adopted. Or perhaps your mama has passed so can’t be accessed physically. Even if Mother’s Day is triggering, challenging or heartbreaking for you, you can still honour it in your own unique way. If you and your mama struggle to communicate well, a short, simple text message is enough to let your mum know she has crossed your mind. If you don’t know your birth mother, write her a letter, even if you don’t send it. If your mama has passed, perhaps visit her grave or set up a sacred alter to honour her. The simple act of looking at her photo, lighting a candle and speaking to her in your mind is all it takes to connect energetically with her soul. And while it’s not the same as seeing her in person or having a chat, it gives you the opportunity to express loving gratitude to the woman who bought you into the world.


Maybe the Hallmark factor of Mother’s Day makes you cringe. If so, think outside the box and make this date meaningful to you by expressing your mama appreciation in other ways. Perhaps that means reaching out to women who represent motherhood in your life, even if they’re not blood related. Give the female figures who have supported you through thick and thin some love. Or, reach out to your friends who are mums and bathe them in acknowledgement for all the hard work you’ve witnessed them do in their role as a mama. Or maybe you want to donate to a charity that supports mothers in need. No matter what your stance is on the commerciality of the date, ultimately Mother’s Day is about women supporting women. So show your support in ways that align with your personal values.


While honouring the lineage of women who have come before us is a beautiful aspect of the Mother’s Day tradition, it’s equally important to acknowledge our own role – as women and mothers – on this special day. So, take the time to recognise your positive influence and contributions as a mama. Pat yourself on the back for all the selfless service you have gifted your family. See yourself through the lens of your children and realise that you truly are the queen of your home. On a practical level, gift yourself some time and space on Mother’s day to engage in an activity that gives you joy, or at the very least, fills your cup. If you’re a single mama, go buy yourself some flowers! Lash out on that special dress you’ve been wanting to buy. Forget about the laundry for one day and drink a leisurely cup of tea instead. Do anything that elevates your mood and allows you to feel seen and valued as a mother. After all, self-love is the most valuable gift you can ever give yourself.