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Can you spot what’s so special about these overalls?

Mums go nuts over this!

OCTOBER 19 2018

Mumsie creator Janneke was inspired to make it after juggling a newborn and four-year-old at preschool drop off.

“As I mumbled and fumbled with my baby carrier trying to get it on, trying to clip it behind my neck, I looked down at the bib of my overalls and thought, hey I wish I could just pop angel tot in here for a few minutes.. how easy would that be?!” she explained.

Blogger and author Constance Hall is a big fan, even taking to Instagram yesterday to wax lyrical over the cute overalls.

“When some freaking Queen invents sexy as f*ck overalls with a built in baby carrier you simply have to share them with your Queens!!!” she shared with her 345k followers.

“I was skeptic as I’m not usually into baby paraphernalia... but these look chic AF and work like a charm.”

Described as the world’s ‘first and only overalls and baby carrier in one’, styles include the ‘Erryday’ and ‘The Jetset’ and come in a range of colours. There are also two overall dresses, ‘The Summer Blue’ and ‘The Endless Mama’.

The Mumsie collection starts from $148 and is available from


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