the magic and miracles behind TWO BLUE LINES

Forty and single with a ticking biological clock.. writer/actor Sarah Doyle manifests real life happiness whilst shooting a series on becoming a mum. From an ad on gumtree, a 6 part mini series and now a bouncing baby girl brings Sarah Doyle the ultimate baby surprise.

Two Blue Lines starring a plethora of familiar faces including Gyton Grantley, Jolene Anderson, Haiha Le, Guy Edmonds and Felix Williamson is now available to binge online at

When writer Sarah Doyle and filmmaker and entrepreneur Janneke Williamson conceived the story for TWO BLUE LINES, they never imagined that the creation of the series would mirror a real life pregnancy for Sarah. 

Art imitates life, life imitates art. Sarah Doyle attends the premiere of TWO BLUE LINES with her baby Tallulah

It was March 2021 when Janneke approached Sarah with the idea for a series following a woman’s journey into motherhood. Meet the lead character “Charlotte” 36, single.. With a body clock that was ticking but a passion for her career. Not even sure she wanted a child, the series follows the main character Charlotte from IVF to a natural conception all the way through to the birth of her baby. It takes you on the highs and lows of pregnancy and the evolution of self from being late 30s and single to becoming a mother. A comedy with heart designed for the small screen.

Co creator and Director Janneke Williamson with Co creator and Writer Sarah Doyle at the Sydney Premiere

During the writing process, Sarah was freshly back in Sydney having moved home from Los Angeles. Lockdown in Sydney meant only going out for certain periods to exercise and Sarah posted an ad on Gumtree to find some ‘learn to surf’ buddies. The next few months resulted in her gaining the skills to ride the swell at Bronte and Maroubra Beach but also creating a bond with the other members of the “Gumtree Surf Gang”. During this time Janneke (in Noosa) and Sarah (in Sydney) were collaborating back and forth with the script for the series and pre production was underway. In the series we don’t know exactly how ‘Charlotte’ gets pregnant until Episode 4. Is it IVF, an ad for sperm on Gumtree or a chance one night stand? Simultaneously in real life, Sarah and one of her surf gang members found love and before the shoot had commenced, Sarah discovered she was expecting a real baby. 

The series is set in Noosa on the Sunshine Coast and production started in March 2022, right in the middle of a covid surge. It was a difficult time for any production, let alone an independent film, with daily covid tests, masks and interstate actors flying in and out for the production. The series showcases some beautiful parts of Noosa and the Sunshine Coast hinterland whilst taking the audience on a journey through laughs but also heart wrenching moments of realism as we ride the rollercoaster of pregnancy with Charlotte.

Having a background in production and now running babywearing brand ‘The Mumsie”, Two Blue Lines was brought to life by Janneke Williamson with her brand as the sponsor. 

“I love storytelling and connecting with our audience is my favourite part of running a small business. Social media has given us a unique and amazing way to connect with other parents in all corners of the globe and we wanted to make an original series for not only entertainment but also to showcase the relatable real life challenges we face when becoming a parent for the first time. I’m really grateful for our female lead team not only in our business but also in the production of Two Blue Lines. We really need more female storytellers in the film industry and more support for women in small business.” said Janneke.

Janneke and Sarah with some of the cast and crew after filming out the front of the Mumsie store in Noosa.

The premiere of TWO BLUE LINES was held at the Ritz cinema in Randwick, Sydney with a plethora of familiar faces on screen and in the audience. The series stars Gyton Grantley (Underbelly), Jolene Anderson (All Saints, Harrow), Guy Edmonds (The Moodys), Haiha Le (Back To The Rafters), Felix Williamson (The Great Gatsby, Peter Rabbit) and Romy Poulier (Ticket to Paradise). Sarah’s real baby was born just 5 weeks prior and joined Sarah and Rodney at the premiere.

Gyton Grantley as YORK and Sarah Doyle as CHARLOTTE film a scene from TWO BLUE LINES

This six part series is now available to binge on Youtube, Facebook and can be viewed at 

Fake silicone pregnancy tummy's aside, father of three Gyton Grantley helps find Sarah's real life in-utero baby on the ultrasound whilst filming. 

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