Ever wondered who works at the Mumsie behind the scenes? Here we introduce our fab team!

Ever wondered who are hands that make the magic happen? 


Mama of 2 and Queen Bee of Mumsieland! Overalls aficionado, Mumsie creator and mad chocoholic. I love the beach, time with the kidlets and cooking yummy food. I’m happy as a bee popping on my creative hat and conjuring new designs for mumsies.  


Young mum of two that always has a thousand and one ideas and projects on the go. Can always be counted on to bust a move or just embarrass herself in meetings. Equally loves being busy and complaining about being busy. 


Hi I’m Karen. Quirky, kind and not your typical Karen. I lived in New Zealand for most of my life but now call Australia home. I run the numbers and keep things in order at the mumsie. When I I’m not being an accounting nerd, I’m in mama bear mode with my son, enjoying the beach or hanging out with my guinea pig ‘Morris’. 


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