Ever wondered who works at the Mumsie behind the scenes? Here we introduce our fab team!

Ever wondered who are hands that make the magic happen? This week on the blog our content queen @theconsciouswordsmith sits down with our very own mumsie team and you will get a little look into who makes up the mumsie team and what they get up to when not busy in mumsieland... 


Mama of 2 and Queen Bee of Mumsieland! Overalls aficionado, Mumsie creator and mad chocoholic. I love the beach, time with the kidlets and cooking yummy food. I’m happy as a bee popping on my creative hat and conjuring new designs for mumsies.  



Young mum of two that always has a thousand and one ideas and projects on the go. Can always be counted on to bust a move or just embarrass herself in meetings. Equally loves being busy and complaining about being busy. 




My day doesn’t start without a dose of caffeine (I’ve been drinking it since I was 8!). I had 2 kids in my later years and am now dealing with teenagers and menopause at the same time. Didn’t think that one through did I? Love the beach, sun, my family and cavoodle dog (didn’t think that one through either (there seems to be a pattern here!). If all else fails, there’s always G&T.



Sleep-deprived mama of 2 wildlings who knows all the words to ‘Let It Go’. I was a mermaid in a past life and am happiest on the beach or in the ocean. Stitching words together is my forte which is lucky since I really suck at craft.



When I’m not fulfilling orders and hanging out at The Mumsie, you will find me outdoors at the beach with my son or playing 1 of the 5 instruments I play. Busy always adventuring and getting into mischief. Young and ambitious are my middle name.



Earth-conscious mama of 2 who loves walks at the beach with her dog Simba. Equally love hanging 10 on the waves and getting back to your care questions. Always in touch with my home country (the Netherlands) and dreaming in 1 of the 5 languages I know.



Wannabe homesteader/farmer who recently moved from the city to the country and lives in a tiny house in the Noosa hinterland with her hubby and son. Loves art, the beach, sunshine, vintage clothing and cups of tea of any kind. Sustainably minded and always up for a challenge, she aspires to be an animal whisperer and wants to be Mrs Doolittle one day.


Mum to two little female firecrackers, and long time die hard Mumsie fan. Lover of life in all its beautiful chaotic manifestations and have always felt the urge to stop time in those special moments. Nostalgic and saddened at the constant march of time, until the happy realisation - If I can’t stop it, I could at least preserve it through photography and visual storytelling, where I can celebrate life and it’s many glorious moments.  


Hi I’m Karen. Quirky, kind and not your typical Karen. I lived in New Zealand for most of my life but now call Australia home. I run the numbers and keep things in order at the mumsie. When I I’m not being an accounting nerd, I’m in mama bear mode with my son, enjoying the beach or hanging out with my guinea pig ‘Morris’.