You’re preparing for birth and have your hospital bag packed. But have you thought about everything you’ll need in those first precious weeks at home when you are housebound?  In this article I highlight 5 things that will make your life with a newborn easier. 

Writer: Rebecca Walker, The Conscious Wordsmith


If newborn babies love one thing, it’s being swaddled. Similar to the sensation of being held tightly in the womb, the feeling of snug comfort. Scientifically, swaddling protects your baby from the natural ‘startle reflex’ (aka the ‘Moro reflex’) that babies perform in the early months when they are startled by a sound or movement. So…if you want your baby to sleep better for longer (don’t we all?!), swaddling is a great soothing technique in the early days and a new mama essential.


While we all have fantasies of dressing our mini humans in the world’s cutest outfits the minute they arrive in the world, the reality is newborn babies mostly sleep, eat, poo and vomit (on repeat). And while there’s no doubt, investing in some special outfits for your insta snaps is a given, practicality reins when you are a sleep-deprived new mother. And a tired mother’s best friend is…zips! Forget fiiddly buttons and press studs. The only criteria you need when wondering if a sleep suit makes the cut is if it has zips, so you can change baby easily in the middle of the night when they’ve ‘exploded’ everywhere. Our pick? The Wondersuit by Australian brand Bonds. Equipped with two-way zips that allow you to open them bottom to top, or top to bottom, the ‘Zippy’ suit is as stretchy and comfy as they come. Fold over cuffs and mittens mean you can tuck bub’s hands and feet in during naps and untuck them during feeds and playtime. 


It goes without saying that a Mumsie should be on your mama wish list. Stylish and practical, The Mumsie makes hands-free child wrangling just that little bit easier. Whether you are prefer long overalls, shorts or a pinafore-style dress, we have you covered. Created with real women and real bodies in mind, the sizes range from XXS up to size 24. Made from super stretchy denim that is designed to flatter and support, each and every style has been carefully constructed for mama and bub. Designed in Australia and ethically made in China, safety and durability are top production priorities. Each Mumsie has been safety tested to carry bubs up to 18 kilos and has the tick of approval from The International Hip Dysplasia Institute. And while you can’t pop bub inside until they’re 4 months, there’s no reason this babywearing staple shouldn’t be sitting in your closet ready to roll once bub has more head control.


Newborn babies love white noise. Why? Similar to the sound of blood pulsing in the womb, white noise is a familiar sound in a very new, unfamiliar world for babies. Scientifically, white noise helps babies sleep for longer because it helps them fall back asleep if they wake at the end of a sleep cycle. As they come out of one sleep cycle they become aware of the sounds around them (including background household noise), so if white noise is playing in their nursery they take comfort and tend to slip back into another sleep cycle. The only downfall is that sometimes babies can become so accustomed to hearing white noise that when it’s absent, they can’t sleep. That said, you can wean a baby off anything…a dummy, the breast, so white noise is no different.


Babies require a lot of extra ‘stuff’. Things you’re not used to carrying around on a daily basis (think nappies, dummies, wipes, a change of baby clothes, bottles etc.). As a result, having a purpose-designed baby bag is an absolute essential as a new mother. Along with being a decent size, it should have enough compartments, pockets and zips for you to stash everything you need, without becoming an overpacked Mary Poppins bag. Tote bags are popular and baby backpacks are also really practical. And if you’re after for something a bit smaller, look no further than The Mumsie’s ‘Joey’… a cute bum-bag (aka ‘fanny pack’) that clips to your waist or pram. Big enough to contain your essentials, it also unfolds to a changing mat so you can change nappies on-the-go without lugging an extra ‘thing’.