Created by two Sunshine-Coast based mothers and sisters, Organic Nights is an ethical children’s sleepwear brand that embodies the precious innocence of childhood. Here we talk to the brand's co-founders, Frances and Nichola, about their commitment to creating fashionable fabrics of the highest environmental standards.  

Writer: Rebecca Walker, The Conscious Wordsmith

When and why did you launch Organic Nights?  

We launched the brand in January 2019, after more than two years of planning. We are sisters and mothers (we have 6 children between us!), and felt that together we could create a business that was pure for people and the planet, as well as being beautiful and ethical at the same time. Nichola had the idea of pyjamas because it is the simplest way for parents to nourish and nurture their children’s health while they slumber. After all, children sleep for half of every day.

Who designs your prints?

The gorgeous Cass Deller. She is a Sunshine Coast illustration artist, and the loveliest person to partner with.

Tell us about your organic fabrics. What does ‘100% GOTS certified’ actually mean?

We wanted our sleepwear to meet the strictest organics standards at every level. As mothers, it’s important for us to feel at peace knowing we have created the most ethical and environmentally sustainable label possible. We also wanted to ensure the farmers and garment makers would be protected with safe, fair and healthy work conditions. GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certification ensured this was possible.

By being a 100% GOTS Certified Cotton garment, our customers can be assured we’ve met the highest possible level of accreditation. The GOTS Certification governs the mill that we work with, and aims to protect every person in the entire garment supply chain – from the cotton seed to the final seam.

Where are the PJ’s produced?

In our GOTS Certified fair trade mill in India. Our mill follows all fair trade criteria and meets strict GOTS regulations – which uphold the International Labour Organisation (ILO) standards. This is important because it protects everyone in the supply chain to ensure they have safe, healthy, hygienic working conditions and fair pay rates. There is zero tolerance for workplace discrimination, slave labour or child labour.

How are your dyes different to conventional dyes?

Our GOTS colour dyes are biodegradable, low impact, environmentally-friendly chemical dyes. In short: they’re safe for people and planet. It’s pretty scary to learn what is in most colour dyes, such as azo dyes, which contain aromatic amines (suspected carcinogens!) – which are used in all sorts of products, including conventional sleepwear for children.

Does the brand have a ‘signature style’? If so, what is it? 

Our signature style is beautiful, innocent and soothing. Luxe meets ethical. Aesthetically, it reflects values we hope to inspire: a calm, pure, healthy and clean sleep space. It also captures the precious innocence of childhood: the golden years.

Peaceful bedtime rituals are part of the Organic Nights concept. Tell us about that.

As parents, we know bedtime can be stressful, but we also know how happy and at peace we personally feel when we experience a loving and calm bedtime with our children and imagine they feel the same. So we’ve expanded our garment offerings to include educational advice (through e-books and interviews) about healthy bedtime rituals with sleep specialists, mindfulness gurus and fellow parents.

We’ve also created a sleep poem, ‘The Night’, which is now a lullaby to share with families whose children are scared of the dark. It’s a sweet song that reminds little ones that the night is not so scary - it’s actually full of light, and so much love!

You are both mums of 3. How do you juggle the work/momma balance? 

It’s tricky! As sisters, we both tag team like masters. We live a few streets away from one another, so it’s lovely that our children don’t mind who picks them up from school if need be. We are blessed to have our extended family living close by so we have incredible support, which helps. It is a logistical minefield most days, and often turns to chaos!

Having your own business is quite liberating though and certainly helps to beat our issues with perfectionism. We soon realised that there is only so much we can do in a day, and our children are our priority. Things can’t always be perfect. We are getting better at just doing what we can do, and accepting what we can’t. There is a lot of surrender! Yet so many high points too. In 2020, we won the Editor’s Choice and Gold Medal in the Australian Non-Toxic Awards (rebranded as the Clean + Conscious Awards) which was a really wonderful moment.

You run the brand together as sisters and business partners. Do you have any tips for anyone interested in launching a family business?

Respect one another and support one another all the way! Also, family comes first. Business comes second.

Organic Nights is stocked in The Mumsie’s Noosa retail cottage. For more brand details, visit their website: https://organicnights.com.au/