Looking for healthy sporting activities for your little ones in Noosa? Look no further. Here we round-up the best of the best.


Writer: Rebecca Walker, The Conscious Wordsmith


Surf Groms

Catering to 5-12 years-olds, Surf Groms is a national learn-to-surf programme that runs classes out of Noosa Heads. Sectioned into ‘Mini Groms’ (5-8 year-olds) and ‘Super Groms’ (9-12 year-olds), classes help young surfers develop fundamental surf skills such as balance, agility and coordination in the water. Embracing group-based games that encourage participation by having fun, courses encompass 5 incremental skill levels and cover topics such as fundamental ocean awareness and core ocean skills. Designed to support a positive and supportive learning environment, lessons are led by qualified surf teachers who cover topics such as ocean safety skills, surf survival & rescue techniques and basic first-aid practices, along with board and paddle skills. Classes are held on weekends and run for 1.5 hours over 4 weeks.


Tutu Cute Dance

Led by professional ballerina and dance teacher, Miss Chelsea, Tutu Cute Dance runs fun-filled ballet classes for aspiring dancers. Sectioned into 3 categories – ‘Team Tinys’ (2-3 year-olds), ‘Team Tots’ (3-4 year-olds), and ‘Team Twinkles’ (4-5 year-olds) – themed classes are 30-45 minutes long and introduce little ones to music, dance and movement through playful activities that encourage creative expression. Created using the principles of the ATOD (Australian Teachers of Dancing) programme, these sweet sessions (hello pink tutus!) are not only adorable, but also develop gross motor skills, cultivate coordination, foster listening abilities and nurture social development. Introductory trial classes are free.



Chiggy’s Skateboarding

Run by a team of professional coaches and skateboarders, Chiggy’s Skateboarding offers private and group classes for kids who are keen to master their skateboarding skills. Grouped under ‘Micro Groms’ (2-5 year-olds), ‘Mixed’ (5-16 year-olds, all skill levels), ‘Beginner’ (5-16 year-olds, basic skills such as ollies), ‘Intermediate’ (5-16 year-olds, moderate skills such as air flips), ‘Advanced’ (5-16 year-olds, advanced tricks such as 360 flips), mixed-gender sessions are overseen by registered instructors who are focused on building confidence and skill in a fun, safe (helmets and knee pads are essential) setting.  They also offer skate camps during school holidays.



Sunshine Coast Martial Arts

Offering classes for kids aged 4-12 years, Sunshine Coast Martial Arts introduces children to the Japanese art of karate under the guidance of professional ‘sensei’ (instructor) Bryan Dukas and Rick Hisplo. Lessons for littles are divided into ‘Kindy Karate’ (4-5 year-olds) and Kids Karate (6-12 year-olds) to ensure age-appropriate activities. Designed to develop coordination, concentration, discipline, self-control and safety skills, these energetic sessions encourage young ones to embrace self-improvement and teamwork in a safe, supportive environment. The club is a member of the World Shotokan Karate-do Federation and all instructors are highly trained to empower the self-esteem of students. Trial sessions are complementary.




Cooroy Gymnastics Club

Offering developmental, progressive and competitive gymnastics programmes for aspiring gymnasts, Cooroy Gymnastics Club is Noosa’s oldest and best gymnastics facility. Running weekly 45-minute ‘Kinder Gym’ and ‘Gym Explorers’ classes for kids under 5, children are encouraged to explore a wide range of movement experiences including rolling, jumping, hanging and running, with the aim of helping kids learn through play. 60-minute, non-competitive classes are also on offer for girls including ‘Gym Start’ (prep age), ‘WAG Intro’ (age 6+), WAG Bronze (age 7+), Team Two Silver (age 8+), Team Two Gold (age 9+). The club also runs competitive squads for girls and has a specialised boy’s gymnastics programme that spans from beginners to state-level, following the Australian National Gymnastics Programme. Staffed by professional gymnastics coaches, classes aim to develop coordination, strength, discipline, flexibility and self-esteem.